Veolia Water Technologies supplies the world with drinking water

Veolia Water Technologies is a world leader in drinking water solutions. Our water technologies meet the needs of millions of people in many municipalities around the world. Our know-how guarantees a safe supply of quality water with a low environmental impact.

Drinking water: at the heart of all our innovations

Water in its natural state is rarely of a quality optimal to maintain human health.
Delivering quality drinking water via public networks to private taps requires :

  • distribution technologies
  • treatment technologies

Our technologies are based on over a century of experience and we continually improve them with the help of our private and public customers. Veolia Water Technologies designs and develops treatments guaranteeing the safety of drinking water.

By using state-of-the-art technologies, we optimize the water cycle while limiting carbon footprint and reducing the impact on water resources.

Drinking water produced by Veolia Water Technologies has guaranteed traceability, which ensures the quality and preservation of water using a range of measurement tools and indicators. These methods ensure that real-time monitoring of water quality takes place – from the treatment plant to the distribution network.

Drinking water produced by Veolia Water Technologies comes from systems certified to World Health Organization (WHO) standards. Our systems also have a health certificate issued by the Directorate General of Health (ACS) in France. These guarantees are at the heart of Veolia Water Technologies' business and our commitments to sustainable development.

Veolia Water Technologies and drinking water in a few numbers


Veolia Water Technologies produces drinking water in 2,404 factories around the world. We serve more than 23 million people on five continents.

Our technologies help improve access to drinking water

We are committed to guaranteeing drinking water that is:

  • safe 
  • reliable
  • competitively priced

Municipalities around the world trust :

  • the effectiveness of our treatment solutions 
  • our ability to recommend the best solutions to address specific needs
  • the position of our technologies at the forefront of research and innovation

To ensure the quality and safety of the drinking water supply, we offer a full range of water treatment solutions.

Discover the Opacarb™ activated carbon drinking water filter system, our latest innovation to remove organic micropollutants (pesticides, endocrine disruptors, medicinal residues, etc.) found in raw water. 

Clarification and purification

Water drawn from the natural environment is loaded with :

  • suspended solids
  • mineral substances
  • organic substances

Depending on the concentration levels of these substances in the water, there are different water clarification operations that can be performed to render it safe to drink. 

The decantation and flocculation / coagulation techniques put in place by Veolia Water Technologies guarantee the best solution at the best price for our customers.



Veolia Water Technologies uses OPADOU™ ion exchange systems to soften drinking water. This step is necessary for reducing calcium and magnesium hardness.



The drinking water we produce also undergoes specific treatments to remove the most harmful substances to organisms:

  • arsenic
  • uranium
  • nitrates
  • endocrine disruptors
  • total organic carbon
  • etc.


Veolia Water Technologies is the world leader in seawater desalination. Our technologies help us provide populations with drinking water, even in the driest areas.


Water purification is an essential step in making the resource drinkable. It relies on various advanced technologies to remove harmful micro-particles and associated impurities – whether they are of mineral or organic origin.

Notably, drinking water production and quality control systems developed by Veolia Water Technologies protect public authorities against any risk of bacterial contamination or any other incident that would jeopardize the safety of water distributed to individuals.

Mobile units

Veolia Water Technologies can provide mobile drinking water production units to respond to all situations. Our teams, including subsidiary Bekerfeld, have in particular developed eight systems to provide emergency technical assistance for the German Federal Agency (TWH).


Discover our standardized solutions

Veolia offers a full range of technologies to optimize the value of water. Our equipment includes standardized compact units that are easy to connect to industrial equipment. This allows faster integration and delivery for partners, which is greatly valued by our municipal customers.

Our coverage is global, our service local

Veolia Water Technologies has a presence in more than 65 countries worldwide. Our teams ensure the production of drinking water and a continuous supply for local populations. Our standardized equipment and knowledgeable teams guarantee a customized local service that includes design, assembly assistance and after-sales care.

Through developing partnerships around the world, Veolia Water Technologies is a world leader in producing drinking water. The quality of our technologies ensures a low production cost and continuity for all our public partners. Veolia Water Technologies has partnerships all over the world and provides a quality after-care service on all facilities.