Water Treatment & Water Management for Hospitals & Healthcare Industry

Water Management for Hospitals & Healthcare Industry

Water management in hospitals and other medical facilities must comply with health regulations and industry best practices. However, efficiency, ease-of-maintenance, and economical running costs are also important factors to consider when deciding on suitable water treatment solutions. Whether you need a completely new hospital water treatment solution or intend to upgrade your wastewater treatment and filtration systems, Veolia Water Technologies can help.

As a market leader with an extensive experience in the design, fabrication, and installation of healthcare water treatment solutions, Veolia is well-versed in the specific requirements of healthcare organisations in Australia and New Zealand.


Healthcare Water Treatment Meeting Regulatory & Compliance Requirements

An effective water management plan for hospitals needs to ensure that all regulatory requirements are taken into account and can easily documented. With our systems, the management of compliance issues — like meeting water quality requirements of the new AS/NZ 4187:2014 standard  is a much easier and less time-consuming process. Every healthcare system that we deliver is designed to meet or exceed all public health regulatory requirements and to facilitate the task of proving compliance in the future. Our installation, validation and testing procedures for healthcare water management solutions are all focused on making sure that compliance is never an issue for our customers.

If you have any specific regulatory or compliance concerns you would like to discuss, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


Manage Hospital Wastewater Plants

Risk management and associated hygiene standards are of prime importance to hospitals and medical facilities across Australia & New Zealand. Our systems are designed to address all such concerns, including control measures for  Legionella and other potentially dangerous pathogens. We understand how important it is for hospitals to ensure they provide a safe environment for both patients and staff, and our healthcare water management solutions include monitoring and control systems that help those responsible to confirm that all risk management measures are working as intended. These systems monitor the drinking water supply, service water and healthcare wastewater treatment plants, making sure that any waterborne pathogens are dealt with appropriately.


Safeguard Service Water System

Service water plays an important role in ensuring safe, reliable, and hygienic heating and cooling systems that help maintain a comfortable environment in medical facilities. Veolia provides solutions that maintain service water quality at appropriate levels for healthcare facilities. Utilising advanced technologies, our solutions help ensure that the water in your boilers and cooling equipment never compromises the safety of your facility.


Tailored to Your Requirements

Lean on our extensive experience and wide range of proven technologies for a solution that is tailored to meet all the water management requirements of your healthcare facility — safely, efficiently, and in full compliance with all current regulations.

Whether you are running hospitals, clinics, or care facilities across Australia and New Zealand, we can create a blueprint for a new solution that satisfies both your hospital water management policy and all public health regulations.

Achieve Safe Water while Saving the Environment


Reduce Environmental Footprint with our Hospital Water Management Solutions

We have developed many proprietary technologies and systems for water waste management in hospital facilities, prioritising recycling and reuse where appropriate. All of these technologies have been developed to facilitate more efficient water usage without compromising on safety. For example: water from a hospital wastewater treatment plant may be reused in certain applications such as service water systems, if it meets current regulatory standards, but not in more sensitive areas.


  • Clinical Pathology

  • Drinking Water

  • Point-of-Use Laboratory Water

  • Wastewater

  • Reuse


  • Chemicals for Water Treatment

  • Hubgrade Remote Monitoring

  • Mobile Water Services


On the 22nd April ‘21 – Cameron Clarke-Bates has shared how Veolia Water Technologies can design Water Treatment for CSSD to meet AS/NZS 4187:2014 Amd 2:2019
Click below to watch this now.

Why is water treatment important in hospitals and healthcare facilities?

Water treatment in healthcare facilities and hospitals is absolutely essential as all water supplies must be free of all contaminants to appease stringent health and safety regulations. Hospital  patients are at the highest risk of contracting water-borne pathogens such as Legionella, this is why it is so important to have a rigorous water management plan for hospitals.

How much does water treatment for healthcare facilities cost?

As there are numerous water treatment applications and solutions related to water treatment for the healthcare industry and hospital wastewater treatment we suggest you contact one of the representatives at Veolia Water Technologies. So we can prepare a custom quote once we fully understand the needs and requirements of your healthcare facility.