ANITA™ Shunt

The Smart SBR to treat high-ammonia effluents

ANITATM Shunt is an innovative technology to eliminate ammonia in highly-loaded effluents while meeting environmental objectives in terms of carbon footprint reduction.


ANITATM Shunt is ideal for plant upgrades or installations where a simple solution for increased nitrogen removal is required.

ANITATM Shunt uses a traditional activated sludge and a sequential Batch Reactor (SBR) to stop nitrogen oxidation at the nitrate stage (NO2-) and to reduce the quantity of biological sludge produced.
The process is designed to treat highly-loaded effluents with a N-NH4 concentration of over 100 mg N/l.


A versatile range of use

  • Biological treatment coupled with anaerobic digestion using methanol during post-denitrification
  • Leachate from sludge composting or co-digestion platforms
  • Liquid from advanced sludge treatment following
    > Thermal drying
    > Hydrothermal oxidation
    > Thermal hydrolysis + anaerobic digestion
    > Anaerobic digestion
    > Digestion + lysis + digestion


ANITA™ Shunt is an efficient, flexible and cost-effective solution

  • 25% less energy and 40% less external carbon source required compared to conventional nitrification/denitrification
  • 20% reduction in carbon footprint
  • Up to 95% nitrogen removal
  • Compact and flexible, the process can be integrated into existing plant
  • Efficient at all temperatures of effluent to treat
  • Quick and easy start-up
  • Equipped with a high-performance patented advanced control system

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