Thermophilic Digestion of Sludge

By using BioTherm™ the amount of sludge is reduced as a considerable part of the organic matter contained within the sludge is converted into biogas, and the digested sludge is dewatered to achieve a high dry solids content.


BioTherm™ works by increasing the operating temperature from that of the mesophilic zone (32-37°C) to the thermophilic zone (52-55°C). As such, the rate of conversion in the digester is doubled and thus halves the volume requirements.


Among other things, this means that many existing digesters, which have been designed only to treat the production of primary sludge on the wastewater treatment plants, now have sufficient capacity to treat the biological excess sludge as well.

Digestion of the total sludge produced results in a significant reduction in costs associated with sludge disposal, and furthermore the resulting biogas can be used to produce heat and power.