Hubgrade™  — previously AQUAVISTA — Digital Water Treatment Plant Management Performance Monitoring Solution

Using a network of smart monitoring centres staffed with experienced analysts, our Hubgrade digital water management system gives you complete control over all of your water treatment processes. Data from sensors fitted in your treatment plant is transmitted to our local centre, where it can be analysed by a team of experts using a variety of advanced digital tools and data visualisation software. By studying the results of our analysis of your consumption and production data, we can make recommendations that will lead to significant efficiency improvements.

Hubgrade Digital Tools & Software to Help Streamline Water Plant Performance Monitoring

Accurate water treatment monitoring is the most effective way to identify areas in which improvements can be made but obtaining the required data and processing it in a meaningful way is a major challenge with existing technologies. However, with our cutting-edge water treatment digital monitoring solution, the gathering and processing of relevant data is automated, making it much easier to implement improvements. With our water optimisation expertise and extensive experience in the manipulation of each water treatment plant data set received from clients’ plants, monitoring and acting on consumption and production information is a frictionless process.


Digital Web Portal Allows Remote Real Time Monitoring of Water Management System 24 Hours a Day

The Hubgrade water treatment monitoring system displays real-time data from the sensors installed in your plant, allowing you to compare key performance indicators to your own benchmarks. With 24/7 secure access to a dedicated web portal, you can monitor this data from any location and see exactly what is happening at any given moment. With our digital real time monitoring solution, your team can make effective plant management decisions based on up-to-the-minute data. Clients across Australia and New Zealand are seeing very real benefits when adopting our Hubgrade solution.

Hubgrade Digital Services, screen shot of results

Hubgrade Essential enables you to be better informed about your water operations and make better decisions regarding your facility or water

equipment thanks to the following features:

  • Digital library to access all relevant documents such as certificates, service reports, contracts and orders in one place,  accessible from anywhere, any time.
  • Data visualization to collect and display process data from the plant.
  • Events and alarms to prevent unexpected shutdowns or regulatory breaches.
  • Automatic reporting to facilitate data analysis and reporting consistently and regularly.
  • Maintenance module to have an overview of the maintenance tasks and their level of criticality.

Hubgrade Essential provides transparency and convenience, and ensures business continuity of more than 1,300 connected water equipment and more than 640 sites

Hubgrade Assist supports operational teams in their daily monitoring with proactive, data-driven service and site support that includes troubleshooting and long-term drifts resolution. It supports your headquarter teams in their overall monitoring as well as your site teams with instantaneous data records and alarms with troubleshooting support, periodic reports and access to expertise. Your water treatment system monitored by Hubgrade Assist has predefined monitoring process parameters which are permanently displayed and recorded and which will generate alarms if they deviate from their normal range.

  • With remote expert assistance, enabled by real-time monitoring, alarm management and eventually augmented reality, you can reach out to our experts during working days for troubleshooting or regular review and recommendations. 
  • Training and mentoring features empower your personnel by providing them access to training materials showing on-site issue resolution or e-learning programs to support long-term training.

With Hubgrade Assist we provide digitally empowered process expertise for best-in-class operation of equipment, processes and facilities.

Hubgrade Performance aggregates real-time data and applies analytics and algorithms, developed and based on our experience in designing and operating water and wastewater treatment plants worldwide, to continuously benchmark and optimize the performance of your plant. 

With the insight module, Hubgrade Performance enables faster and more evidence-based decision making. It delivers holistic visibility of the operations and processes by providing the users with different levels of analytics and recommendations, leveraging the plant process, operation and financial data.

  • Key performance indicators assess the quality of the operation and  guide operational decision making.
  • Predictive analytics rely on machine learning to predict the evolution of strategic operation parameters or to anticipate the failures, reduce downtime risks and optimize maintenance planning.
  • Optimization features provide you with simulated operational scenarios and suggested optimized setpoints to ensure a holistic optimization of the water and wastewater processes.

For wastewater treatment plants and/or sewer networks, we have developed a suite of powerful algorithms and holistic solutions to offer real-time optimization through online control, monitoring and forecasting: the plant module of Hubgrade Performance. It is a dynamic and flexible system that utilizes real-time and/or forecasted information to meet operational targets. Benefits to wastewater treatment plants include reduced overall capital and operation costs, increased hydraulic capacity, and improved operation in terms of efficiency, stability, and safety.

The plant module is already installed at over 100 wastewater treatment plants and installations worldwide. The results experienced on those plants are up to:

  • 40% higher biological capacity.
  • 100% increase in hydraulic capacity.
  • 25% energy reduction for aeration.
  • 75% energy reduction for grit chamber aeration.
  • 75% reduction in energy use for internal Nitrate recirculation.
  • 100% reduction in chemicals for denitrification and for phosphorus precipitation.
  • 20-30% of overall OPEX savings.

With Hubgrade Performance you no longer need to be uncomfortable about making the right adjustments to facilitate the proper operation of your wastewater processes.

Hubgrade FAQ's

What is Hubgrade?

Hubgrade is a digital water management system for water treatment plants which helps to monitor the performance and efficiency of your water treatment facility in real time. Hubgrade integrates into your treatment plants inner workings by utilizing fitted sensors which allow a huge amount of real time meaningful water consumption and water production data. This data can then be analysed remotely via a web portal giving operators the ability to make quick and concise decisions which have a positive outcome for the performance of the water treatment facility.

Does Habgrade have different options?

Yes, Hubgrade water treatment plant monitoring system has 3 available options which are Hubgrade Essential, Hubgrade Assist and Hubgrade Performance. The different packages all offer a certain level of performance however the higher options do include more functionality, enhancements and are more configurable to more complex water treatment facility tasks and also offer far more superior analytics and water treatment plant data sets.

Technical Resources

Hubgrade Assist and augmented reality


Hubgrade Essential and Assist


Hubgrade Performance: Insight module

Business case
The smart membranes tool of Hubgrade has been in operation since September 2020 on Oman Sur Desalination plant.

Hubgrade Performance: Plant module

Business case
Hubgrade Performance (formerly known as AQUAVISTA™ Plant) was first installed in 2007 at the Agtrup WWTP.