Centralised Laboratory Water

What is Centralised Laboratory Water?

Laboratory environments need continuous, reliable supplies of laboratory water that meets necessary levels of purity. Centralised laboratory water systems purify, store and distribute water from a single, central unit.


Centralised Laboratory Water Systems from Veolia

When considering laboratory-grade water purification systems you will often need to choose between standalone, point-of-use systems or centralised laboratory water systems. There are many situations in which it is more cost-effective and efficient to install a centralised system. If, for example, purified water supplies are required in different locations then a centralised system, feeding a ring main, capable of delivering high volumes of high-quality water from a single, unobtrusive unit, is likely to be a good option.

Our team of laboratory water experts are experienced in working with architects, consultants, facilities managers, suppliers and scientists to provide help and expertise at all stages, from concept and design through to build and installation. Systems are capable of delivering up to 38 litres of high-purity, laboratory-grade (types I, II and III) water per minute in volumes of up to 6,000 litres per day.


Centralised Laboratory Water Systems Applications

Our centralised laboratory water systems are used extensively in a wide range of applications and establishments. Here are a few:


  • Academic research laboratories in universities and institutes
  • Clinical laboratories in hospitals - Research and development laboratories
  • Pharmaceutical laboratories
  • Biopharmaceutical corporations