Hubgrade for Hydrex® chemical solutions

Expert digital services to take your chemical water conditioning programs performance even further
Hubgrade for Hydrex® chemical solutions


Hubgrade combines digital tools and the expertise of Veolia employees at the service of operational and environmental efficiency. Its specificity: capitalizing on human competency and digital power to process data in order to provide our customers with a continuous supply of optimized solutions adapted to their priorities. 

Associated with Hydrex® chemical solutions, Hubgrade allows users to optimize chemical treatment results and protect assets through enhanced supervision. 



Leveraging the performance of your chemical programs

For any water system, measuring performance is key in order to optimize chemical consumptions and prevent any damage and efficiency loss. Hydrex chemical solutions offer a range of controllers that allows for real-time monitoring of key performance indicators (KPIs), calculation of out of compliance conditions, and corrective actions in both water conditions and chemical feed.

When combined with Hubgrade digital services, Hydrex Controller remotely connects with the customers to provide information and give access to a range of features dedicated to enhancing the chemical treatment performance even further. 


Hubgrade vs hydrex



Particularly suited for cooling towers, boilers and wastewater applications, the key benefits of Hubgrade for Hydrex are:

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The detection of the early-warning signs of operation deviations so as to mitigate risk for regulatory compliance and to maximize your equipment uptime.


A continuous performance optimization to ensure operational cost control and long-term durability of your asset.


A support adapted to all the levels of the organization which allows each team member to stay focused on their key tasks and the day-to-day management and planning of their activities.

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A contractual KPI dashboard (for multi-site follow up, for example), enabling benchmarking between comparable sites.

Measuring and optimizing your KPIs


KPIs for Hydrex chemical solutions are focused on specific topics: 

  • Chemical management.
  • Energy and water management.
  • Performance measurement (including critical heat exchanger efficiency).
  • Comparative analysis (ideal vs actual).
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For cooling systems in particular, KPIs can include:

  • Control of Hydrex chemical dosage. 
  • Concentration rate.
  • Corrosion rate.
  • Langeler or Ryznar index.
  • Water consumption.
  • Water consumption cost.
  • Cost savings. 
  • Chemical consumption follow-up.
  • Cost of chemicals consumed.
  • Cost of chemicals saved.
  • Critical heat exchangers performance.
  • Operating key parameters.