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Smart technology for chemical dosing and monitoring.
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Reducing operating costs and extending the lifespan of water assets while staying fully compliant requires continuous measurement and adjustment of the chemical treatment program to respond to fluctuating parameters. 
Hydrex Controller is a range of automated control and monitoring devices for optimal, long-term performance of chemical conditioning and water treatment. 



Monitoring and dosing for optimized, sustainable performance

A key part of our chemical solutions, Hydrex Controller combines operational inputs with real-time monitoring and system results to diagnose conditions that precede equipment failures, and respond accordingly with corrective actions. 
Advanced sensors and software collect data from the customer's plant operation on critical parameters such as water quality, chemicals used in water treatment and production process feedback (ex. critical heat exchangers if relevant). Based on automated monitoring, Hydrex Controller then calculates the deviations and out-of-spec conditions and proactively maintains control by making adjustments in both water parameters and chemical dosage.

By identifying potential causes behind deviations or system variability and by minimizing non-compliant and out-of-specification conditions, our analyzers allow for a balanced and  efficient water use in the facility which results in optimal chemical dosages, asset protection and savings on total cost of operation.


When combined with our Hubgrade digital services, Hydrex Controller allows for remote communication with the operator to further optimize the global performance of the asset. 

Features and benefits

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Avoid production downtime.


Maximize asset protection.

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Avoid costly repairs and maintenance for optimized total operating costs.

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Minimize scaling and corrosion and control biofouling.

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Comply with regulation and enhance health and safety conditions.


Case Study

Our customer is a French food industrial producing 20,000 tons of fresh and frozen products per year. The company’s site is equipped with three cooling towers of 6.5 MW total, a 2t/h boiler and a biological treatment plant.

The customer wanted to bring its cooling towers in compliance with the legionella regulations. They also wanted a complete service offer for their water cycle including boiler and sludge treatment: equipment, product, maintenance and expertise to optimize their site's performance, consumption and costs. 

Our complete treatment program consists of a reliable and easy-to-use technical solution which allows for precise traceability of the data. The offer includes a turnkey solution for three years: equipment (OSG Hydrex for on-site generation of a solution for disinfection of cooling tower and Hydrex Controller), consumables, total maintenance and Hubgrade digital services

Three Hydrex Controller analyzers were installed for the regulation and monitoring of the cooling towers. These analyzers are accessible by both Veolia and the customer via Hubgrade which allows for data collection and real-time measurements of the operating parameters.

For the in-situ production of oxidizing biocide, the ecological OSG Hydrex solution based on salt electrolysis has been installed. The regulation of this oxidant is controlled individually for each tower by the Hydrex Controller.

On-site support on analyzers

Hydrex Controllers are particularly suitable for :



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