Berkefeld PurBev® Softener

Hygienic Design Water Softening.

The BERKEFELD PurBev® Softener is a water softening plant engineered according to hygienic design guidelines food and beverage production.


The fully automatic unit features flow control for alternate operation, counter-current regeneration and economic brine consumption with the lowest water losses.


  • Supply of soft water for utility processes (e.g. cooling, boiler feed, CIP, bottling areas)
  • Reduction of hardness/carbonate scaling
  • Improvement of product quality in food production processes (spirits, food, etc.)



  • Hygienic frontal piping and sanitary disc valves
  • Minimal water demands per regeneration
  • Lowest salt and water demand due to counter-current BerCoRe regeneration process
  • Safe and reliable operation and regeneration due to a fully automatic control system



Nominal flow rates: 5 – 60 m³/h per unit



  • Siemens PLC S7 with operator panel
  • Magnetic flow meter
  • PP brine make up and storage tank, sufficient for several numbers of regeneration
  • Regeneration depending on total water flow AND raw water hardness



  • Hardness monitoring
  • Dilution water booster pump
  • Integrated blending to adjust hardness

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