CASCADE Distributors

Distributors Systems

Cascade distributors uses the tubular arm concept, scientifically developed to provide an effective irrigation profile across the entire surface area of the filter bed.


For smaller trickling filters (2 to 4 metre diameter), Veolia Water Technologies can offer Cascade MiniFLO.



  • Cascade Distribution systems are individually designed and sized specific to plant and process requirements and site conditions.
  • Single- or multi-stage distributor body permits operation at high turn-down flow ratios at both high and low flow conditions.
  • Distribution hole sizing and spreading is computer-modelled specifically to ensure even liquid distribution over the total media surface.
  • Distributor internal flow design eliminates the requirement for liquid seals. Instead, the Cascade unit utilises sealed, self-aligned heavy-duty bearings, located at the top of the distributor body to eliminate wastewater contact and provide easy access for maintenance and replacement. Bearing life is typically 100,000 operational hours.
  • The distributor body, arms and rigging are available in Stainless Steel, GMS and specialist material finishes.


Cascade MiniFLO
Cascade MiniFLO utilise all the features of CASCADE, but are specifically designed for very small trickling filters, typically between 2 and 4 metre diameters. The units are mounted from 2 beams across the top of the trickling filter containment vessel, with easily-accessible bearing assembly and optional motor-drive unit. The distributors are available in 304 or 316 Stainless Steel, GMS or plastic and can be supplied in single- or multi-stage configurations thereby enabling them to accommodate a wide flow range.