Ecodisk® Denit

The latest generation, Ecodisk® Denit is an answer to the highest quality effluent demand in total nitrogen.



The biodisks enable to reach high treatment levels on BOD5, COD, Kjeldhal nitrogen and phosphorus. The process being aerobic, there is no denitrification; therefore, it wasn’t possible to have an advanced treatment on total nitrogen. Yet, the discharge standards are becoming more and more restrictive and the total nitrogen
treatment is commonly requested.

The Ecodisk® Denit process uses totally waterproof biological disks that warrant anoxic conditions in order to favor the effluents denitrification. Different possibilities are available: pre-denitrification, post-denitrification or a combined solution.


Performances comparison of different processes for the nitrogen treatment

This process enables to reach the same performances than more advanced and restrictive processes in operation.