An ultra performant filtration device

FILTROMAX™ Disc, an ultra performant filtration device with disc technology.


These filtration units are stand-alone, all polymeric and automatic. The filters are based on an innovative disc technology capable of removing contaminants such as suspended solids, fibres, grit, sand and algae. This technology provides micron-precise depth filtration and long-term operation with minimal maintenance. As a 100% Veolia product you get an improved technical support and a global supply chain, including specific sizing tools for easy model selection not available with other disc filtration equipment.

The entire range is integrated by 25 different models, with flow rates from 10 to 300 m3/h. The FILTROMAX Disc range proposes three material configurations as well as two backwash modes. This complete revision of the product range allows us to better serve you and your needs, especially in the Municipal Wastewater and General Industry markets.

Features and benefits : 

  • Combines surface filtration and depth filtration to ensure high contaminant removal rates
  • Compact, modular & highly scalable design
  • Systems covering high flows (up to 300 m3/h) and choices of filtration grades from 20 to 200 μm
  • Automatic backwashing of individual filters based on pressure differential or time
  • Backwash configurations: with water & air (AAF) or water only (IS)
  • Reduced backwash water consumption & constant production flow rates. Air assisted backwashing for 2" AAF only
  • Corrosion resistant polypropylene construction
  • Standard connecting flanges exist in PN and ANSI
  • No consumables; low running costs, minimal

Options : 

  • Filtromax Controller with associated solenoid valves, available in both 50 and 60 Hz.
  • 3x Alternative material configurations: classic (non corrosive), aggressive, sea water.
  • Inlet & Outlet isolation valves.
  • Manifold Compatibility ANSI.



Applications : 

  • Side & full stream filtration (Cooling tower & Heat exchangers) 
  • Pre-filtration to softeners, ion exchangers or membrane systems (UF or RO) 
  • Prevention of corrosion and blockages within pipework, valves, distributors and other equipment 
  • Re-use & tertiary municipal wastewater 
  • Feed water for irrigation systems 
  • Rainwater harvesting post-filtration


Services : 

Local after-sales service and support teams offer preventative and corrective maintenance programs to ensure the long-term, efficient operation of installed plants.

Consumables & spare parts:

  • Discs, joints, servicing kits.
  • OEM approach managed by VEOLIA which guarantees supply chain for every single FILTROMAX Disc unit installed at customer sites.

Accessories :

Air Compressor for valves automation and backwash air. This will supply compressed air for valves automation and Backwash sequence (for AAF only).

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