Veolia Water Technologies UK is the UK & Ireland exclusive distributor for the dialysis water specialists, DWA.


The nephRO™ SAFE system ensure bacterial free permeate through the combination of continuous ultrafiltration during dialysis operation, followed by automatically programmed heat disinfection with the optimum consumption of both water and power.


Features & Benefits

  • The functional, hygienic design and the use of high quality stainless steel ensures the high reliability and long life of the nephRO™ SAFE
  • High efficiency thermal insulation and the double-walled structure of the tank ensures low power consumption
  • The frequency-controlled pressure pump ensure optimum pressure and flow conditions in the distribution ring
  • The nephRO™ SAFE is manufactured completely from stainless steel which is surface-treated to maintain optimal hygiene to all fluid ways
  • A completely dead zone-free design is ensured through hygienic clamp connectors
  • Dead zone-free measurements in the tank is performed through state-of-the-art liquifants sensors
  • The temperature in the tank is maintained constantly at >85°C, eliminating microbiological contamination
  • Sampling points permit convenient and safe microbiological analysis of the permeate



  • The symbiosis of ultrafiltration and heat-disinfection for guaranteed ultrapure permeate through into the dialysis machine.


Performance Parameters

  • Deadleg free stainless steel pipe work with hygienic clamp connectors
  • 14 kW electrical loading for standard building fuse
  • Frequency-controlled pressure pump
  • 480 l / 280 l hot water tank
  • Manufactured to MDD


Technical Highlights

  • Patented process for permeate ultrafiltration
  • Long lasting ultrafilter through crossflow operation
  • Water saving through concentrate return
  • Three-stage pressure regulation valve for fully automatic filling of the tank in case of excess permeate
  • Microprocessor controlled



System Dimensions





Dimensions (W x H x D)

790 x 1950 x 1450

Weight (empty/full)

approx. 350/850 kg

Heating element



Tank (=hot tank)


480 litres


Power consumption


Temp during heat-disinfection


> 80°C

Electrical connections

Mains plug

CEE plug, 5 pin, 32 A

Mains voltage

400 V, 3 phase, 50 Hz


25 A safety fuse K characteristics

Electrical safety

Type of protection against electrical shock

Protection Class I

Overvoltage Category II

Protection against the penetration of liquids

Splash Water Protection (IPX 4)