Bayswater Water Treatment Plants Upgrade, NSW

The Client

Macquarie Generation, one of Australia’s largest electricity generator, was created in 1996 as a state-owned corporation, its shareholder being the New South Wales (NSW) Government.
Approximately 40% of NSW electricity demand is provided through Macquarie Generation’s Bayswater and Liddell Power Stations.
Bayswater Power Station is located 250 km north of Sydney.

The Client's Needs

As part of Bayswater’s water management system, Macquarie Generation wanted to minimise its impact on the environment by restoring the sustainability of the water in nearby Lake Liddell.

This lake originally built for providing the vast amounts of condensate cooling water needed for the station’s operation, has then become a popular recreational lake.
Macquarie Generation wanted to reduce the level of salt discharged into the lake and also upgrade and refurbish the 4 existing water treatment plants which were aging, to improve the reliability and availability of the water treatment plants. Vital cooling water is recycled and treated to ensure that no contaminants reach local waterways.

Veolia's Solution

Capacity: 160 ML/day

Macquarie Generation awarded Veolia Water Technologies with a contract for upgrading the Bayswater water treatment plants, both companies sharing the same commitment to responsible environmental management through innovative solutions that guarantee health & safety and protect the environment.

Veolia provided a comprehensive and innovative water solution package to Macquarie Generation, including design & construction, as well as operations and maintenance requirements, in order to meet the longterm water treatment needs of Bayswater Power Plant.

The project scope involved 2 years of design, build, construction works and a 5-year operating and maintenance period, to meet specific requirements and address concerns in regards to the long-term strategy of the water treatment plants.

Veolia Water Technologies who lead the project, brought together the skills and experience of 4 Veolia companies (Veolia Water Technologies Australia, HPD, John Meunier and Veolia Water Australia), each being leaders in their own specialist areas.
The process includes lime softening, pre-treatment using 8 Actiflo® units for clarification process, filtration, ion exchange, reverse osmosis, brine concentration and crystallisation.

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