Water Treatment Solutions: Aquaculture & Fish Farming

Sustainable water solutions for land-based fish farming.

Veolia Water Technologies provides the aquaculture industry with sustainable solutions for land-based fish farming and recirculating aquaculture systems. We offer the industry's leading solutions for environmentally responsible and sustainable aquaculture, responding to our clients’ priorities.


Water quality and environment: challenges faced by the aquaculture industry

Water consumption, pollution and land availability.

Rapidly growing industry.

Environmental requirements.

How Veolia is committed to helping the aquaculture industry

For over 20 years, we have been revolutionizing land-based aquaculture with environmental responsibility and sustainability at our core. We support our clients from concept design to implementation and after-sales support.
Backed by our unparalleled water purification technologies and expertise, we offer a wide range of solutions that can be tailored to meet the highest standards. We provide high-quality, energy-efficient, operationally friendly water treatment systems to suit the demanding needs of aquaculture. 

  • Reduced water consumption. 

  • Better fish conditions.

  • Improved control over biological performance.

  • Reduced environmental impact.


Adaptable solutions for sustainable fish-farming

Process water

Water quality is the most critical aspect of an aquaculture system. Water purification helps ensure satisfactory fish health and affects the quality of the harvested product. Successful aquaculture requires good water quality, the right amount of water and the right temperature. Only in this way can optimal growth conditions for fish be ensured.


Two main treatment steps are used to treat wastewater in aquaculture systems: mechanical filters such as the self-cleaning Hydrotech™ Drumfilters are used to remove solids larger than 60/10 microns, and biological water treatment is applied to eliminate carbon and nitrogen pollution, using AnoxKaldnesⓇ MBBR

Water reuse

Our sustainable Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) reduces water consumption, reusing water through continual treatment and delivery to support a wide variety of species, including cold water, tropical, fresh and saltwater. This closed-loop fish-farming system allows up to 99% of the water to be reused, translating to much smaller water and carbon footprints and a reduced environmental impact.  


Sludge and waste from fish farming activities can be treated to minimize and mitigate any impact on the environment. 

Aquaculture clients that trust Veolia

Partnership with Swiss Alpine Fish
To produce certified sustainable salmon from its land-based salmon farm in the Swiss Alps, Swiss Alpine Fish must have control of its water consumption and discharge.

To achieve this objective, the company has invested in Veolia’s RAS2020™ aquaculture system.


Discover our water treatment technologies for the aquaculture industry

Based on the strong water treatment experience of our subsidiaries and their technologies, our sustainable aquaculture experts provide turnkey solutions, such as recirculating aquaculture systems, for all kinds of fish species, from fresh to seawater and cold to tropical water.

Moving bed biofilm reactor for cost-efficient removal of pollutants from municipal and industrial wastewater. High efficiency for BOD, ammonia and nitrogen.
Specially designed for suspended solids removal for high performance in systems where it is essential to prevent particles from fragmenting.
A modular recirculating aquaculture system designed to reduce capital costs, maximize production, minimize operating costs, and improve sustainability.

In the RAS2020, we create and maintain the optimal conditions to grow premium fish with a reduced need for antibiotics. Furthermore, we can treat the wastewater to minimise environmental impact and refine the sludge for potential energy use. RAS aquaculture is truly a sustainable solution for growing the food of the future.

Xena Brooks

Process Engineer for Recirculating Aquaculture Systems
Veolia Water Technologies

Would you like more information about our technologies for the Aquaculture industry?

Contact Karen Shaw here.










Karen Shaw

Client Manager - Municipal, Australia & New Zealand

Veolia Water Technologies



Would you like more information about our technologies for the Aquaculture industry?

Contact Karen Shaw here.










Karen Shaw

Client Manager - Municipal, Australia & New Zealand

Veolia Water Technologies