Compact wastewater treatment solutions

Ecodisk™ - The Ecological solution for domestic wastewater treatment plants, from 100 to 10,000 Population Equivalent.



Wastewater treatment and sludge management is an important public health issue for local communities. The installation of an Ecodisk® system guarantees 100% organic treatment of your domestic water, without the addition of chemicals, and lets you benefit from all the expertise of Veolia Water Technologies Group and its subsidiary PMT.   

Ecodisk®: what is it?

Ecodisk® is a wastewater treatment system developed by PMT and Veolia Water Technologies based on a rotating bed biodisc and brought to market in 1998. Specifically designed for the needs of small communities, Ecodisk® provides biological and natural treatments for municipal water and sludge management, with a capacity to serve between 100 and 10,000 population equivalents (PE).    
Ecodisk® installations are characterised by a simple and semi-buried structure, one that is particularly robust and resilient, enabling operators to manage the system independently and without necessarily depending on an expert in water technologies or an electrician.
The next-generation Ecodisk® device avoids pitfalls usually found in effluent treatment plants based on a bed, lagoon or sand filter technique. It drastically limits the problems of sludge evacuation as well as odour emissions. The robustness of the device is guaranteed by a stainless steel structure and thick walls that protect against ultraviolet rays. Ecodisk® does not require concrete protection, resulting in a lighter worksite than other systems.


Ecodisk®: many types of installations 

Biodiscs are an innovation specifically designed for the needs of communities and small and medium-sized sites. This type of installation can meet the specifications OF:    

  • Rural and peri-urban communes.
  • Campsites and isolated camps.
  • Hotels, resorts and vacation homes.
  • Hospitals and other health facilities.
  • Schools and universities.
  • Shelters or residences in high mountains.

Biodiscs, designed to scale the rest of the facility and expected processing capacity, can reach up to four metres in diameter. PMT is able to offer you semi-buried structures placed on a concrete slab for harmonious onsite integrations, as well as lighter biodiscs that can be installed inside a building.
The various modules of the Ecodisk® range can ensure the recycling of polluted carbonated water, with a significant performance gain if the installation is coupled with lamellar decanters. Nitrogen polluted water can also be treated efficiently and naturally thanks to a denitrification process (Ecodisk® DENIT with waterproof cover). Phosphorus wastewater (Poligreen® range), outlet effluent treatment (Ecodisk® MR) and the purification of rainwater and wastewater are all modular features.


PMT and Veolia provide a turnkey service

Specialised in mobile water treatment units and fixed wastewater treatment plants, Veolia Water Technologies provides public authorities and private customers with ongoing assistance to make the most of Ecodisk® devices. PMT's engineering teams can provide onsite assistance at any time in France, Germany and anywhere within Europe – whether it’s an emergency repair or routine check.
Elsewhere in the world, PMT's customers can rely on the logistics of Veolia Water Technologies as well as a dense network of distributors, fully trained in the technical specificities of Ecodisk® units.
With Ecodisk®, your community or business can finally opt for a complete domestic wastewater treatment solution, which is 100% organic and economical in terms of maintenance and energy consumption.


Operating Principles

Ecodisk® biodiscs can be fully integrated into municipal wastewater treatment and recycling systems. Sludge and fluids first undergo pretreatment by passing through a grit chamber or automatic degreasing screen, or it can be done manually. Another pretreatment option is to install a decanter for pre-digestion of the sludge.
The biodisc itself performs a slow rotation to accelerate the digestion and biological treatment of urban wastewater: the bacteria on the disc form a biological bed in the form of turf, which fill with oxygen as it rises above the surface and then consume suspended organic matter when submerged again.    
After the dissolution of the organic matter, a last step enables the clarification of water before rejecting it into the environment. Depending on the specifications of the community or operator, this clarification can be based on a filter drum mechanism (Ecodisk® Filter), lamellar decantation or filtration by reed plants (Ecodisk® M), also useful for storing sludge.

Ecodisk®: example installations

Nearly 1,000 Ecodisk® systems have already been installed. These include :

  • With a treatment capacity of 4,400 EH and a disk area of 41,300 m², the site of Wissant (Pas-de-Calais) is one of the largest in the region.
  • Ecodisk® at the Naviti Resort in Fiji treats and purifies wastewater for 1,200 PE.