Veolia Water Technologies has developed aqueous water cleaning systems which produce from 0.14 to 2.85 m3/hr of high purity water.



  • Printed circuit board de-fluxing and cleaning
  • Stencil cleaning 
  • High quality metal component rinsing

Features & Benefits

Deionisation Resin
The pressure vessels are constructed from a seamless GRP, Polyethylene composite. Special internal components allow for operation at up to 70°C at reduced pressures.

All units use a mixture of strongly basic regenerable ion-exchange resin, which has been selected for the removal of all major ionic impurities.


Activated Carbon
A specially selected and conditioned activated carbon media is used. This media effectively reduces organic levels and colour within the rinse water. The cylinder is usually exchanged with every other change of the deioniser cylinder.


Various meters are available using either mains or battery power, providing readouts between 1 and 18 MΩ-cm resistivity. For use at high temperatures, a temperature adjusted version is available.


The systems incorporate a range of mixed bed and carbon cylinders that are capable of operating at temperatures up to 70°C.