Biopure 7/15

Up to 15 litres per hour of Biopure Water

Ideal for small bench-top washer disinfectors and autoclaves.


Compact, cost-effective and easy to use water purification system to meet the very latest medical standards, including HTM2030/2031, NHS MES c32, EN ISO 15883, MDA/HIS.

Biopurity design - includes the latest water purification technologies for broad removal of impurities, continual bacterial destruction and endotoxin removal.

Designed to save space - the Biopure's compact size and wrap around reservoir means that it can be positioned under a bench, wall mounted or fitted into a conventional cabinet.

Wrap around reservoir - the unit is supplied with a wrap around storage reservoir which cradles the Biopure and removes the need for a bulky reservoir.

Cost-effective - the Biopure provides the convenience of on-demand pure water at a price comparable with purified bottled water.

Easy to use self-disinfection program - which ensures the system Biopurity is easy to maintain.


  • Primary Care
  • Dental Practices
  • Podiatry Clinics
  • GP Surgeries