Healthcare Pure Water Systems

Compact, cost-effective and easy-to-use healthcare pure water system that reduces contamination risk.


Biopure is a healthcare pure water system that removes impurities and endotoxins, and destroys bacteria – at up to 600 litres per hour. It incorporates an energy-saving, heat-reducing recirculation system that reduces heat generation to optimise microbial purity. It is ideal for smaller installations of single washer disinfectors and endoscope reprocessors.

Biopure helps to meet the very latest medical standards, including HTM2030/2031, NHS MES c32, EN ISO 15883, MDA/HIS. It has a unique wraparound reservoir where water is continuously recirculated through the Biopure purification technologies. This ensures the microbial purity of the product water is continuously optimised.


Biopure Healthcare Pure Water System Models

A range of Biopure models are available, classified by their output capabilities.

  • Biopure 7/15. The Biopure 7 has a make-up rate of 7l/hour while the Biopure 15 has a make up rate of 15l/hour. Both have maximum delivery flow rates of 2l/minute. Designed for point of use purified water delivery for washer disinfectors and autoclaves.
  • Biopure 60/120. With make-up rates of either 60l/hour or 120l/hour and maximum flow rates of 10l/minute for each. Point of use purified water delivery for a wide range of washer disinfectors and endoscope reprocessors.
  • Biopure 200/300/600. Three models with make-up rates of 200l/hour, 300l/hour and 600l/hour. Each capable of delivering purified water at a rate of 30l/minute. These high output purified water systems are designed to feed large or multiple endoscope reprocessors and washer disinfectors.


Systems designed to supply healthcare water to sterilise instruments in decontamination departments (CSSD).