Eliminator™ Cartridge Filters

Eliminator™ Cartridge Filters produce up to 22 m3/hr of filtered water for a wide variety of process water and general manufacturing applications.


They are designed to reduce particulate matter from water, either as part of a water purification system or as a stand alone filtration unit.

The filter element is a string wound polypropylene filter nominally rated at 10 micron to provide an efficient, cost-effective solution for protection of downstream process equipment.


Features & Benefits

  • High capacity cartridges, located on a one-piece support tube end cap assembly, provide improved operational life and strength
  • A tension spring positioned beneath the cartridge end cap and support tube ensures that the filter element is kept in constant contact with the filter head as the element contracts during operation
  • Once the filter element has contracted beyond its useful life, the output flow is automatically reduced. This prevents further operation and potential dirt carryover.
  • Automatic indication confirms when a filter element change is required
  • Filter elements are simple to replace without disconnecting the pipe work, thus reducing down time
  • Eliminator™ Cartridge Filters are available as complete systems or as a retrofit kit for existing installations with paper elements
  • High dirt capacity elements ensure cost effective operation with extended service life, when compared with systems using paper elements