Eliminator™ Filters

Sand Filters, Carbon Filters and Iron Removal Filters

The Eliminator™ Filters produce up to 35 m3/hr of filtered water.


The filters remove suspended matter, turbidity, iron, colour and odour from feed water, which if not removed could adversely affect the performance of downstream equipment and processes and lead to costly downtime.

Automatic operation allows the filters to be used in a variety of industrial applications. The systems incorporate a robust, corrosion-resistant design, with an automatic multiport control valve system and a glass fibre reinforced pressure vessel.

  • Sand Filters
    For applications where suspended matter and turbidity are present.


  • Carbon Filters
    For applications where chlorine, taint, odour or soluble organics are present.


  • Iron Removal Filters
    For applications where dissolved and undissolved iron and manganese are present.



Features & Benefits

  • Packaged plant
  • Fully automatic
  • Cleaning initiated by time-clock
  • Simple robust construction
  • Designed for ease of service and maintenance
  • High velocity backwash
  • Low installation time and costs
  • Low operator involvement
  • Allows cleaning to occur during periods of no or low demand
  • High reliability
  • Low service and maintenance costs
  • High filtrate quality and extended service runs