EVALED® PC F-Series Evaporators

Heat pump evaporator with forced circulation and external shell and tube heat exchanger.


Designed to produce the best distillate quality with minimum capital and operating costs

PC F series evaporators have to be connected to an electric power supply and to have highly available cooling air, like all heat pump equipment. 

Each model in the PC F series is a compact module that can be handled and connected to the utilities simply and easily, by means of standard connections. 

All the models of the PC F series are controlled by a PLC that controls the functioning of the evaporator, including water-to-be-treated feeding and evaporation products discharge. All models have a wide range of sensors that enable the PLC to manage the evaporator automatically, even in a critical situation. This assures long life for the components and very high quality products (distillate and concentrate). All models are designed to function continuously, 24/7, with minimum supervision. 

PC F series evaporators operate in high vacuum conditions to recover a large part of the thermal energy produced by the heat pump. The pressure in the boiling chamber is set at 5-6 kPa (absolute), so that the boiling temperature of the water is around 35°C, much lower than that at atmospheric pressure.

Under these conditions the phenomena that may reduce performance are either prevented or slowed down. Such phenomena are:


  • scaling
  • salting
  • corrosion
  • evaporation of undesired substances.

The forced circulation circuit plus the shell and tube heat exchanger differentiate EVALED® PC F series.

The advantages of the PC F series evaporators are:

  • superior distillate quality
  • reduction of finishing and post treatment
  • high thermal efficiency
  • low power consumption
  • shutdowns reduction
  • cleaning and maintenance reduction
  • longer operation life.

PC F series evaporators are particularly suitable for:

  • Mechanical industry
  • Aluminum die-casting
  • Landfills and waste disposal
  • Graphic arts
  • Galvanic industry and surface treatments
  • Food & beverage
  • Chemical industry

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