Low Profile Overflow Screen

The Low Profile Overflow Screen is specifically designed to remove floatables from CSO and sanitary SSO sewer overflows requiring maximum hydraulic capacity.


Features & Benefits

  • Designed to US EPA standards;
  • Fine screen, bar spacing can go as fine as ¼'' (6mm);
  • Optimized hydraulic design;
  • No upstream head loss;
  • Maximum hydraulic footprint ratio;
  • Modular, self-adjusting, resistant polymer, combs mounted on a rotary rake arm;
  • Nylon covered bars for corrosion protection;
  • Interchangeable, modular bar sections;
  • Downstream, self-cleaning collection trough;
  • Anti-corrosion construction;
  • Minimal power consumption;
  • Retrofitted on existing weir structures;
  • Easy maintenance.



As water reaches the top of the weir, a level detector activates the cleaning mechanism. During overflows, the hydrodynamic, profiled weir directs water to the screen. Retained materials are carried by the rake and surface flow to a downstream self-cleaning trough, which can either discharge them downstream of the outfall chamber or store them in a detention tank for later disposal.

The Low Profile OS-LP Overflow Screen is designed for the conditions dictated by the dimensions of the outfall chamber and the elevation of the overflow weir. John Meunier Inc. has developed computer software to design and calculate the appropriate screen for each application.