Kwinana Water Reclamation Plant, WA

The Client's Needs

60% of the total industrial demand of the Kwinana Industrial Area was provided through self-supplied groundwater. The proposed industrial expansion schemes will significantly increase the groundwater demand that exceeds the available capacity.

The most important challenge for the Water Corporation was to propose alternative water resources in order to avoid the potential loss of its important industrial customers.

Considerable public demand for a better quality effluent being discharged from Woodman Point Wastewater Treatment Plant. This necessitated the implementation of a higher level of treatment process.
Significant decrease in rainfall and runoff within the region in the past 25 years. Approximately a 25% reduction in rainfall, and a 40% reduction in runoff over the period.

Veolia's Solution

Veolia Water Technologies was awarded the contract for the design and build of the Kwinana Water Reclamation Plant.

This plant treats municipal wastewater to provide high quality water for use by large industrial customers in the Kwinana Industrial Area. The plant is one of Australia's largest treated wastewater recycling plants. 

This new source will provide at least 16.7 ML/day of high quality water for use by large industrial customers in the Kwinana Industrial Area; Rio Tinto for its Hlsmelt pig iron plant, power generation company Edison Mission Energy, chemical fertilisermanufacturer CSBP and petroleum giant BP.

The Client
Water Corporation

The Water Corporation is one of Australia’s largest and most successful service providers, providing water and wastewater services to the Perth Metropolitan area and to hundreds of other towns and communities
The Kwinana Industrial Area (KIA) is the primary heavy industrial centre in the State of Western Australia, located 40 km south of Perth, that contributes to more than 10% of the State industry output.