Deionized feed water supports green hydrogen production


Energy production is the primary source of global greenhouse gas emissions with electricity and heat accounting for 31%. As a result, efforts are being made around the globe to produce clean energy.

Water electrolysis plays a pivotal role in hydrogen production, and maintaining the purity of the feed water is essential to prevent performance issues within the electrolyzer. We are supplying water treatment systems to an electrolyzer manufacturer, as part of the water treatment specialist’s movement into the green hydrogen production market. The systems will be fed with reservoir, river, borehole or saline feed water and treated to produce water suitable for feeding polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) electrolyzers.

Our experts suggested a modular system to effectively treat feed water to the required quality to feed PEM electrolyzers. It was specifically designed to manage inlet water with high hardness and salinity, as well as ensure a variable flow rate to suit any requirement.

Hydrogen tank