Alizair™ H

When Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) treatment is required.

When Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) treatment is required, the filter and its operation are set up in order to enhance the development of heterotrophic species.

The granular medium used is made from peat. This variant of the process is called Alizair™ H.

Alizair™ A

The best performances for hydrogen sulfide, other sulfides, ammonia and amine (RNH₂) removal are achieved by using autotrophic species.
Biogas and Odour Treatment

Alizair™ / Alizair™ Package Plant

To avoid the propagation of odors and provide the operating agents with a healthy and safe environment, the works are put in negative pressure, the polluted air is collected and undergoes a deodorization treatment via the Alizair™ process.
Biogas and Odour Treatment