Alizair™ A

The best performances for hydrogen sulfide, other sulfides, ammonia and amine (RNH₂) removal are achieved by using autotrophic species.


In this case, the material used is Biodagene™, a non-degradable mineral. This is a granular material with high porosity.

A solution of nutritive elements is sprayed on the filter media to feed the purifying biomass. Generally, at least the following elements are required to ensure optimal operation:


  • A source of Carbon
  • A source of Nitrogen and Phosphorus

Usually, the watering with raw water on the filter media is enough to maintain the necessary nutrient and humidity levels.

The watering sequences of the filter bed are handled automatically depending on the air flow rate to treat. Sprinkling intensity also depends on the particle size of the present material.

Alizair™ A can achieve very high filtration rates (500 m³/m²/h) with treatment loads which can exceed 50g/h/m³ of medial.