Berkefeld PurBev® Carbon Filter

Hygienic Design Activated Carbon Filter.

The BERKEFELD PurBev® Carbon Filter is an activated carbon filter engineered according to hygienic design guidelines. It is used for polishing or de-chlorination of water or condensate in food and beverage production.



  • Removal of chlorine and reduction of chloramine
  • Improvement/removal of odor and color
  • Removal of anthropogenic traces (sweeteners, drugs, pesticides, etc.)
  • Reduction of THMs and disinfection by-products
  • Removal of organic traces
  • Reduction of DOC (i.e. humic acid)
  • Optimizes taste



  • Optimum product quality & safety by minimization of microbial risks
  • Reliable cleanability
  • Easy dismantling of front piping for convenient maintenance
  • Economical & highly efficient operation: minimized water losses during b/w and sanitization
  • Long lifetime due to robust and high quality materials


Nominal flow rates: 5 – 150 m³/h per unit



  • Single – Multiple – Lead-lag
  • Hot water or steam sanitization
  • Internal or external backwash
  • Manual or automatic operation
  • Integrated polisher


  • Pre-assembled lean & hygienic front piping in 316L DIN 11850-2 with integrated valves and instrumentation
  • Full de-aeration ensured
  • Hot water/steam sanitizable system
  • EHEDG approved components
  • Customized EBCT (Empty Bed Contact Time)
  • High quality acid-washed coconut shell carbon media (food grade)
  • Sterile sample valves
  • 60 nozzles/m² according to DIN 19605
  • Bed expansion during backwash min 25%



Optional configurations are available for filter, piping, instrumentation and sanitization. Contact us for more information.