Hydrex™ Biocides

Water Treatment Chemicals: Biocides

Hydrex™ offers a range of biocides for many applications.


  • Cooling systems
  • Legionella testing
  • Bio-fouling,
  • Drinking water grade in Food & Beverage industry,
  • Hot sanitary water
  • Sanitization of wastewater, before re-use.

The Hydrex™ 7000 series covers biocide products intended to meet industrial requirements:

  • Rapid-action or delayed-action products
  • Products with a broad spectrum of activity, or specifically targeted against a specific type of contaminant (moss, algae, bacteria, etc.)
  • Oxidant or non-oxidant products
  • Continuous-action or shock treatment products
  • OSG HYDREX (On-site Generation): New efficient technology used to generate biocides in-situ from 100% active safe precursors, to avoid water transportation. On demand biocide generation, to avoid long term storage and potential degradation.


All water treatment plants require chemicals for optimal operation. For further information on chemical water conditioning, contact our experts.