Induced Vortex Grit chamber

The Mectan™ vortex grit system is a circular chamber that takes full advantage of the tangential inflow velocity along the peripheral wall of the chamber to assist in the grit removal process.


MECTAN Classic

The circular design will handle large flow rates in a fraction of the footprint of conventional aerated units. The grit is transferred from the grit well to classifier via pump or air-lift.



Mectan V is the new generation for induced vortex grit removal for wastewater pretreatment applications. Based on CFD analysis and real-world results, the new design provides increased efficiency (>20%) with the possibility to position the outlet channel in any desired direction. Its features include: increased grit removal, low headloss, low power requirement and decreased carbon footprint.



The BioMectan® Advanced Hybrid Vortex Grit Removal System is the latest evolution of VEOLIA John Meunier grit removal system line of product. Based on the proven MectanV design, this innovative concept combines the hydro-dynamic and vortex separator features to provide advanced grit capture performances of 95% of all particles down to 200 Mesh (75 microns), based on grit with 2.65 S.G. This pre-packaged self-standing tank solution includes a new high shear mixing zone fed by an integral gray water reuse system, for unique organics regulation and separation. Available in four standard models to cover flowrates up to 13.4 MGD. 


Features & Benefits

  • Compact footprint
  • Low head loss
  • Energy efficient with low maintenance

There is more than 400 units in operation around the world.


The Mectan™ vortex grit system operates efficiently over a wide range of daily flowrates. Flows up to 355,000 m3/d (78 MGD) per unit.