Cation/anions exchanger for high flow rates

Cation/Anion exchangers for high flow rates (>50 m3/h) with Upflow Packed Bed regeneration or conventional Mixed Bed polishers.



Semi-Engineered Systems that include process design, standard components, engineered components and any adaptations required to meet the clients' needs.


Main features :

  • Upflow regeneration.
  • Simplex or Duplex units.
  • Regeneration station included.
  • Single bed strong cation exchanger or a twin compartment weak and strong cation.
  • Single bed strong anion or layered bed weak and strong anion or twin compartment weak and strong anion.
  • Conventional mixed bed polisher.
  • GRP or carbon steel rubber-lined vessels.
  • PVC or stainless steel piping.
  • Programmable Logical Controller (PLC).
  • Optional degasifier and pumps.
  • Optional neutralisation system.
  • Optional chemical storage tanks



  • Refinery and Petrochemical industry
  • Power Generation
  • Boiler Feed