High flux and low energy reverse osmosis

SIRION™ Mega product lines packaged reverse osmosis systems, fully standardized, developed for high-rejection, high-flow and low-energy membranes.


SIRION™ Mega range is a standardized one pass reverse osmosis (RO) system designed to produce high purity water, purified water and utility water. 
Skid mounted and pre-commissioned, they offer cost-effective units with minimal requirements for civil engineering and extremely short delivery and start-up times.They remove 98% of dissolved organics and over 99% of large dissolved organics, colloids, and particles from brackish water. SIRION Mega’s unique and proven design helps reduce water consumption and can save up to 50 % on electrical power compared to conventional units.



  • Flow rate : 5 - 30 m3/h
  • TDS : Up to 1 000 mg/L
  • 7 models and 7 options
  • RO-40 or PLC version available
  • Touchscreen HMI and HUBGRADE™ ready




  • Flow rate : 32 - 139 m3/h
  • TDS : Up to 5 000 mg/L
  • 6 models and 7 options
  • PLC version available
  • Touchscreen HMI and HUBGRADE™ ready


  • Boiler feed water treatment
  • Industrial process water
  • Cooling water
  • Water recycling & reuse
  • Utility water



  • Onsite Services :  Instrument calibration, water analysis, routine maintenance (pump seals etc ), membrane CIP, optimisation of performance, corrective maintenance.
  • Hubgrade™ : a combination of digital solutions and expertise to remotely monitor, assess and optimize the management of water, waste and energy resources. Hubgrade allows clients to access process experts remotely.

Consumables & spare parts:

  • FILO™ Cartridge Filters
  • VEOLIA VRO™ membranes
  • Hydrex™ chemicals

Complementary Products

  • CIP RO Station