Actiflo© and Multiflo© High Rate Softening

The choice of softening technology depends upon water characteristics and desired results.



For chemical softening applications, both technologies use TURBOMIX® reactor to optimize efficiency and reduce footprint.

Technology benefits

  • Compact Footprint
  • Flexible and Robust Treatment
  • Sludge Treatability
  • Fully automated
  • Application Expertise



The Actiflo® softening technology combines chemical precipitation with recirculated microsand for rapid settling. The microsand acts as a seed for floc formation and allows for designs with very high overflow rates. Actiflo is suitable for treating water with average solids content and is especially efficient for silica removal.

Depending upon your application, Actiflo prefabricated package plants are available up to 5,500 gpm.




The Multiflo™ softening technology incorporates chemical precipitation with sludge thickening, producing a highly concentrated sludge that is easily dewatered. Multiflo is suitable for treating water with an average to high suspended and precipitated solids content.

Prefabricated package plants up to 1,400 gpm are available, depending on the application.




The latest innovation to this proven process is Turbomix®, a unique draft-tube reactor. The complete mixing in this reactor reduces the footprint of Actiflo and Multiflo and enables the addition of water softening chemistry for a variety of applications.

Turbomix ensures optimum utilization of all chemicals, and is designed to optimize the efficiency of the precipitation and flocculation reaction in both the Actiflo and Multiflo technologies. The draft-tube reactor provides a high level of homogenization reducing retention times, chemical and power consumption.



High Rate Softening Solution to fit your needs

Both Actiflo and Multiflo can be provided as prefabricated plants or as custom-engineered solutions. Our trailer-mounted pilot units are available for on-site testing to confirm the best technology for your application.