Ultra-compact solution to eliminate phosphorus and refine treatment


Poligreen® is a packaged solution to refine treated water. Extensive pollutant removal, in particular phosphorus, is ensured by a simple physico-chemical treatment easy to set up and to operate. Therefore,
Poligreen® enables to refine the treatment or to renew your plant at a lower cost.

Ultra-compact, the Poligreen® solution can be set up in three different ways. It is fed by gravity or by pumping at the outlet of waste water plant, of reed bed plant or lagoon plant. It can be used as a primary treatment to treat some industrial effluents.

Main Advantages

  • Compliance with the European regulations (especially phosphorus norms)
  • Refining of settings (TSS, COD, PT...)
  • Discharge standards advancement
  • Plankton and coloring removal
  • Integration of an advanced disinfection (integrated UV available as an option)
  • Easy to install and set up
  • Minimal operation
  • Reagent storage in an insulated compartment

Two Potential Installations 

  • Buried version
  • Semi-buried version